BMW interior 'e-light'

How should a BMW’s electric car interior look like and what is the difference to a current interior? To increase energy efficiency, electric cars have to be lighter than current cars. My intention is to return the abdication into something positive. A puristic interior that is reduced to the essential driver-needs and appears in a self-confident way. The BMW typical driver oriention is celebrated in this concept. The floating surfaces and illuminated translucent materials give the interior a certain lightness. The technical elements, cables and air-supply are integrated in the metal-structure. The batteries are located betweenthe seats for perfect weight balance.
The e-light concept combines both, the reduced natural inspired graphic structure- elements with floating dynamic surfaces; the clean and forwardlooking engine and BMW‘s driving pleasure.

The project was exhibited at »Die Zukunft des Automobils«
(Opelvillen Rüsselsheim, 9th June to 4th July 2010)